Cheap MAC Makeup The collection went on sale on MAC's website Wednesday morning, and the fashion and beauty site Racked reports the limited number of $250 box sets sold out online within minutes. The collection will be available in select stores starting Thursday, June 21.

MAC Makeup kit Wholesale One can only speculate that the brand may steer clear of throwing a ton of shade-specific products like foundation and concealer into the haul. With MAC customers coming in all complexions and undertones, that just wouldn't make sense.

Currently available on MAC's website, the super limited edition Mystery Haul is just what a makeup lover needs to get excited to not so patiently wait for the mailman to deliver a box of cosmetics. The only catch is that you won't know what you're purchasing from MAC until the package arrives.

It's all in the name because MAC's Mystery Haul sounds like exactly what it is. One would simply add the haul to their virtual shopping cart, as the deal is only available online, and MAC will randomly ship out seven full-sized products without disclosing the deets on what you're getting. Yes, you read that correctly the Mystery Haul is loaded with real deal, filled to the brim cosmetics.

It's not just the fact that you get full Cheap MAC Lipstick products out of the deal that makes it worth snagging. The haul's incredible price point will likely knock your socks off, too. Retailing for just $49, the seven-piece haul is giving you a juicy taste of MAC for a steal.

Of course, not knowing a single thing about what you're getting just may deter you from making a purchase. Perhaps, their fan-favorite Prep and Prime Fix+ Spray may make the cut. No one can go wrong with a translucent setter, so maybe their Prep + Prime Finishing Powder will be shipped out. Even their cult-classic shade of Ruby Woo red lipstick could find its way into a haul. But you really never know, considering the brand boasts an overwhelming inventory of products.

With MAC lippies going for $18 here and powders selling for $30 there, the under $50 haul is so worth the splurge. It's giving you more than $100 worth of product for half of the price, and that's really saying something for a brand that rarely goes on sale.

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